As the processors of petroleum-based raw materials, we believe we have a special obligation to handle resources in a sustainable manner. For this reason, our personal conduct is always subject to critical evaluation.

Refuse products which are generated at our premises are returned to the material cycle with the help of sophisticated management of waste.

Thanks to permanent technical innovations and investments (e.g. waste heat recovery, fully electric injection moulding machines, etc.), we optimise the efficiency of our processes and at the same time reduce the energy input / carbon emissions.

Our processes are monitored with the aid of an internal Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), and optimise plastic granulate with the goal of reducing the required energy per processed ton.

Whenever possible, we implement renewable raw material-based and compostable biopolymers. Where this is not yet possible, we reduce our material input by cutting down on the component weight, thus reducing our energy input.

To us, the protection of our environment is something we care about.