Mission statemen

Customer orientation

We wish to build, expand and retain long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust. In fact, our customers’ wishes determine how we do business. We respond to these challenges with a love of innovation, creativity and common sense.


We put a strong emphasis on openness, sustainability and togetherness based on trust. Regardless of whether we are dealing with customers, suppliers, superiors or fellow workers, we treat each other with mutual respect and esteem, only promising whatever we are able to fulfil. Mutual fairness is a key prerequisite for a trustworthy relationship on all sides.

Quality awareness

Every day, we strive to deliver the highest standards of long-term quality.
Process security, flawlessness and reliability are parameters we measure ourselves by.
A key component of our daily work at all levels of our company is to comply with and guarantee our quality policy. Whenever we receive complaints, our main priority is to quickly solve any problems our customers may have.


We are committed to social and civic responsibility. Our conscientious manner of trading does not only involve observation of a code of behaviour, but embraces the sustainable handling of resources, both ecologically and economically. To achieve this, we are willing to take corporate risks. A high level of investment safeguards our continually high technical standards, competitiveness and workplaces. Continuous healthy growth is a prerequisite for this.